Watch “Whales in Your Backyard”

Lindsay Hirt’s live presentation of Whales in Your Backyard: How Learning about the Great Whales Help Us Protect Them and Our Oceans is now available on video. How do technologies like the SnotBot, WhaleSpotter and listening buoys help us protect whales? Find out from marine scientist Lindsay Hirt of Plymouth, MA, who explains why the […]

Shellfishing Opening Up in Plymouth Bay

Thanks to work by Town of Plymouth staff in the Department of Marine and Environmental Affairs and others to eliminate sources of bacterial and other contamination , new shellfishing areas will soon be opened up in Plymouth Bay. Plymouth Community News did a great story on it, which you can view by clicking below. Look for […]

This Just In: Piping Plovers Doing Well in Massachusetts This Year!

Piping plovers are having an excellent summer in terms of reproduction. This video explains why and how from the perspective of the people working hard to manage beaches and plovers in coastal Massachusetts. Tom Barnes of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service produced this short and sweet video. Watch it to see great footage of plovers […]

Snowy Owl Photo Compilation by Craig Gibson

It’s been quite the winter for snowy owls and their human admirers. Craig Gibson of Massachusetts put together a beautiful and informative compilation of photos from all over the state and beyond. Enjoy!