Off to a Good Start with a New Year’s Day Birding Trip

This year’s New Year’s Day birding trip on Plymouth Long Beach didn’t disappoint. The weather was beautiful; in fact, it was a balmy 42 degrees with partial sunshine and a brisk wind. Our group of nine eager birders walked from the Goldenrod field station along the beach and around the northern tip of Long Beach. We […]

Plymouth Christmas Bird Count 2014-15

The totals are in from the Plymouth Christmas Bird Count held on December 17, thanks to compiler Trevor Lloyd-Evans of Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. The area covered annually on this citizen science project is a 7.5-mile radius circle centered at the Pinehills, which includes ponds, beaches, forest, roadsides and backyard bird feeders. Twenty-six birders, including […]

Snowy Owl Photo Compilation by Craig Gibson

It’s been quite the winter for snowy owls and their human admirers. Craig Gibson of Massachusetts put together a beautiful and informative compilation of photos from all over the state and beyond. Enjoy!

Results from Plymouth’s Christmas Bird Count

  I was thrilled to join a fun, rugged and talented team  to participate in the Plymouth Christmas Bird Count on January 2, 2014. We covered Long Beach, Plimoth Plantation, Jenney Pond, the harbor and nearby areas. Despite the snow and wind we saw some interesting and beautiful birds such as a snowy owl, yellow-breasted […]

Snowy Owl Invasion

Magnificent, majestic, regal: all apt descriptions of the snowy owl, a bird that motivates many people to brave the cold and wind for a glimpse of its otherworldliness. Here in southeastern Massachusetts, we see a few snowies every winter because this is part of their usual winter range. However, this year has seen a virtual […]