I’ll see you on the beach…

I’ve been very fortunate to have served as Goldenrod Foundation’s Program Manager for the past four and a half years, working on many projects to conserve coastal habitat and educate people about the natural world. However, it’s time to take the plunge and dive into expanding my business, Three Birds Consulting, so I am leaving […]

New PSA thanks to Plymouth Area Community Television

Check out this great PSA about our Beach Ambassadors programs! Thanks go to Plymouth Area Community Television for creating it.  

On the Wing: A Celebration of Birds in Music and Spoken Word

Join Goldenrod Foundation and a live audience on February 20 at 7:00 p.m. from the comfort of your own computer for a stunning and inspiring performance. On the Wing: A Celebration of Birds in Music and Spoken Word is a collaborative performance piece that incorporates music, song, poetry, imagery, and expert commentary on birds. On The […]

The Many Accomplishments of the Beach Ambassadors in 2014

Hats off to our hard-working, volunteer corps, the Beach Ambassadors! They put in 563 hours of work in education, stewardship and citizen science since their training started in April 2014. Our osprey viewing stations (at Plymouth Long Beach and Nelson Park) were open on 24 days, reaching381 adults and 212 kids. Visitors were enthralled by […]

Whales in Your Backyard – A Live-streamed Presentation

How do technologies like the SnotBot, WhaleSpotter and listening buoys help us protect whales? Find out from marine scientist Lindsay Hirt in her upcoming live-streamed presentation on January 12th: Whales in Your Backyard: How Learning the Secrets of the Great Whales Helps Us to Protect Them (and Our Oceans). Tune in at 7 p.m. to 8 […]

Shellfishing Opening Up in Plymouth Bay

Thanks to work by Town of Plymouth staff in the Department of Marine and Environmental Affairs and others to eliminate sources of bacterial and other contamination , new shellfishing areas will soon be opened up in Plymouth Bay. Plymouth Community News did a great story on it, which you can view by clicking below. Look for […]