December’s Book – Blue Revolution: The Unmaking of America’s Water Crisis

Americans see water as abundant and cheap: we turn on the faucet and out it gushes, for less than a penny a gallon. We use more water than any other culture in the world, much to nourish what’s now our largest crop—the lawn. Yet most Americans cannot name the river or aquifer that flows to […]

November’s Book Choice – The Social Conquest of Earth

The Social Conquest of Earth by Edward O. Wilson is a highly acclaimed (and also roundly criticized) book on the evolution of human cooperative behavior. Wilson commences by examining basic questions of humanity: Where did we come from? What are we? Where are we going? He describes how people have tried to answer these questions […]

Book Club Choice for October – Against the Tide

We will discuss Against the Tide: The Battle for the American Coast by Cornelia Dean on Monday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. at 204 Long Pond Road. It is a highly readable account of the natural forces that shape sandy beaches and how humans attempt to harness or thwart them, often with unintended consequences. You will find […]

Book Club Sign Up

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A Chat with the Founder of GreenTown USA

For the April meeting of our book club, we spoke by Skype with Daniel Wallach, the Executive Director of Greensburg GreenTown, a non-profit organization that led the sustainable rebuilding of an entire town following a devastating tornado. Listen to our discussion by clicking below.  

Sustainability is the Topic for April’s Book Club Meeting

Spring is a time of renewal and hope, as is our topic for April. We are reading Green Town U.S.A.: The Handbook for America’s Sustainable Future by Thomas J. Fox this month. It’s the story of Greensburg, Kansas, which was almost completely leveled by a tornado by a tornado in 2007. Greensburg, Kansas after the devastating […]

Book Club Choice for March – A Humorous Look at Extinction

In March, Goldenrod Foundation’s Nature, Conservation and Environment Book Club tackles the topic of extinction. We will read Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine (1992) and the following selections from American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau edited by Bill McKibben (2008): The Last Passenger Pigeon from Tales You Won’t Believe by Gene Stratton-Porter (1925), pp. […]