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December’s Book – Blue Revolution: The Unmaking of America’s Water Crisis

Americans see water as abundant and cheap: we turn on the faucet and out it gushes, for less than a penny a gallon. We use more water than any other culture in the world, much to nourish what’s now our largest crop—the lawn. Yet most Americans cannot name the river or aquifer that flows to […]

What’s in Plymouth Harbor?

What’s in Plymouth Harbor that shouldn’t be there? Plymouth South High School students and other volunteers found out on October 29, 2016. Gathering at Long Beach to participate in COASTSWEEP as part of Plymouth’s Hometown Cleanup, they scoured the shoreline facing the harbor for marine debris that had washed up onshore. Every piece of trash […]

Autumn Birding on Long Beach

Autumn birding on Long Beach is a treat and our recent trip was no exception. Many of the wintering birds, such as the Brant above, have arrived, and migrants, like the Black-bellied Plovers below, are lingering. Other shorebirds included Sanderlings and Dunlin. Foraging along the shore, they took to flight numerous times. We finally glimpsed […]